Welcome to Saga Instruments

For more than 35 years it has been our prime objective to provide High Quality Fly Tying Tools and Materials for Fly Fishing. We take this opportunity to welcome you to our new updated online catalogue of fly tying tools & fly dressing materials.

In this site you’ll find a wide range of Fly Tying Tools & Materials from low priced items for Amateur Fly Tyers to premium tools for the Professional Fly Tyer.

In all these years we have strictly restricted ourselves only to serving the Fly Fishing industry and not moved into other forms of fishing with the sole aim of specializing in whatever we have been doing.

Some of our premium items include Ceramic Bobbin Holders, Wide Range of fine Vises, and Fly Tying Kits. Our USP lies in selling Brass Beads, Cone Heads, Double Eyes, Bottle Tubes & Classic Tubes according to buyer’s choice of Size, Colors and Quantity. We also carry a wide range of Tools and Materials for Fly Tying such as Rotary Whip Finishers, Dubbing Twisters, Bodkins, Bobbin Threaders, Hackle Pliers, Scissors, Hair Stackers, Retractors, Chenille, Fly Tying Thread, Floss, Mylar Tinsel, Lead and Copper Wires, Flashabou.

Enter the World of Fly Tying and explore our range of products.

Your valued feedback and patronage along with our rich experience will bring about new perspectives in Fly Tying.

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